March 14, 2017


The projects have begun in Breaza Town …

the fairy land where I spent my childhood (1984 – 1990) and my summer holidays (1990 – 2002). Breaza blessed me with so many things, things that I was not even aware of as a child. This small town began to colour my life the moment I became its inhabitant (2012). Years passed by and what was deeply impregnated in my senses turned into the responsibility to give back, to render a thought, an idea, a deed that would help this resort blossom.

          This is how I started wandering, all alone, around the hills, guided by a passionate desire to find out about the joy and the sadness, the ups and downs of life secretly hidden in the surroundings. Of course, this endeavor had to include all my friends that paid me a visit or came on holidays, trying to relax far away from the everyday stress and agitation. Thus, step by step, starting small, from near to distant, the horizon expanded, and the information started to delineate the scenery.

          Those tens of ramblings in the first years, trekking both the entire area that our resort lies on, and its surroundings, opened my eyes to see the great potential that Breaza could offer. It’s only up to us to make our contribution to preserve and increase this potential.


was founded on December 19th 2014. It is very easy to vibrate at the idea of caring about the environment, but there is a long way from meditation and thought to action. I felt really disgusted by the garbage I found on the hill paths so I ended up listening to my dear friend George Sbână and I ”burst out” on Facebook. I afterwards created a page intending to bring the long-forgotten common sense back to life. I organized a first cleaning action and lots of young people from Breaza joined me. I realized we were so many to care about nature and about this small town! Our initiative was not ignored, people reacted and the pictures we presented were welcome and praised: << Good bye, superfluous! Bonjour, simplicity! >>. 

          This is how it all started, and ever since, the identification of the areas filled with rubbish, the greening actions, the posts and debates for finding solutions, the administrative approaches, they have all defined Cleaning Breaza.


(it) represents the ecologist backpacker, ready to hit the road, decent and proving common sense, permanently aware of all that surrounds us. 

          My lonely documentary ramblings have turned into real trekking, and, due to the free events organized, more and more friends and tourists have joined me. Satisfaction has always been guaranteed by the fresh air and the discovery of these wonderful lands. 

          Ecotrekker promotes SPORTS FOR EVERYBODY, contributes to cultivating the taste for TREKKING, and aims to incite and stimulate all the vacationists to discover the potential of our amazing resort and that of the entire Prahova Valley.




          The interaction between organisms and their habitat has drawn my attention from beginning, and this has left its mark upon the name ECOTREKKER.

          Our logo is a trademark, registered with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks and takes shape within our illustrations that show us the connection between the environment and our own existential vibration.

Illustrations & Logo (Drawing: Mr. Cassander)

The story has begun long time before Breaza Town

thus FOREST RAMBLING to our beloved holiday resort extends furthermore.