July 18, 2019


In January, I plan a solitary expedition into the heart of Borneo Tropical Forest, crossing thus on foot, from South-East to North-West, the Kayan Mentarang National Park, located at the border between Indonesia and Malaysia.

It is a world first, this route is of course not included in the commercial tourist routes nor in the known ones, most of them being short and organized at the forest’s margins. The expedition was possible and successful due to the Dayak natives, who had the kindness and willingness to open my way to the heart of the wonderful tropical forests.

Thus, I pass over two weeks wandering through the jungle with Dayak natives with whose culture and customs I highly resonate and magnetize, discovering the simplicity and modesty as the basis in a healthy life from all points of view.

The expedition ended in Long Bawan, at the border with Malaysia where I flew back in the so-called civilization by a military cargo plane.