November 15, 2016


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historical monuments

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the triptychs

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heroes monuments

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the princess’s beech

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the ginkgo biloba tree

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other attractions

Please take note that the historical monuments, 8 by number – old houses officially stated as historical monuments, can not be visited on the inside, but only photographed. Part of the anthropic objectives along with the following: the triptychs, 3 by number – pedestals belonging to a local sculptor built to honour the memory of our ancestors & the heroes monuments, 4 by number, they are all displayed randomly in our town. Regarding other attractions, also anthropic, The ”Toma Cantacuzino” Mansion & The ”Ion Manolescu” Local Cultural Center are just ruined buildings at the moment. With respect to the local highschool & military college we do not see them as touristic objectives. Likewise, the Ginkgo Biloba Tree it is well protected within the military college & out of the touristic circuit.
We warmly guide you to turn your attention mainly to  the following:

  1. The Princess’s Beech – an impressive centuries-old tree belonging to the Fagus sylvatica species;
  2. Gurga Cross – belvedere point over ”Breaza de Sus” neighborhood;
  3. Saint Nicholas Church, built in 1777.

Hoping that all other natural objectives will testify personally for your visit in our town, we invite you to DISCOVER BREAZA!